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Fast Credit Repair

Our credit repair process is the fastest, see for yourself below


Research & Review

Using the latest in A.i, our system will analyze your credit reports and understand exactly how to repair your credit fast.


Challenge & Dispute

Our system will bypass the credit bureau’s legal time frame to respond from 30 days to 15 by using a proprietary system called A.C.A.T.


Manage & Monitor

As we repair your credit our credit mentors work directly with you making sure you apply all the right credit building strategies using our credit secrets.


Meet our clients

Over 10,000+ clients have already tried our program and received outstanding results with fast deletions.

Pricing & Programs

Whether you need Quick and Affordable or Premium Service, We got you

Fast Track Elite

Join our Fast Track Elite Program which uses A.C.A.T

$299 Enrollment & $99/mo

Until We fully clean up your report

  • Our Fast Track Elite program has an average 40% deletion ratio within the first 15 days (based on over 15000 clients that signed up for fast track in Dec 2018-Aug 2022)
  • 120-day satisfaction guarantee or your money back!
  • Our Fast Track program uses A.I (Artificial Intelligence) to dispute inaccuracies.
  • Fast Track Elite uses A.C.A.T (Automatic Credit Analytic Technology) which is powered by the latest FINTECH Artificial Intelligence.

Hire Me Personally

Got a lot of negatives and need faster results & credit mentoring?

$1700 – $3000

One time payment

  • If our Fast Track Elite program isn’t fast enough and If you have severe errors on your credit report and want the best service possible HIRE ME PERSONALLY! I I have over nine years of repairing credit extremely fast and I will work on it myself but for a price :).
  • My clients on average see an 80% deletion within their first month whereas the Fast Track Elite on average is 40% less as effective within that first month.
  • If you hire me I will write all the disputes myself and send them using our A.C.A.T system and dispute your negative accounts none stop until we get them all off! This program is for you if you’re looking for the fastest most effective solution this program is for you

What do you get when you Sign Up?

Rapid Results

Multiple Rounds Within 30 Days.

100% Completion

No Cooky Cutter Disputes or Letters.

Credit Report Audit

Full Audit on your credit reports.

Credit Enhancement

Report Your Rent Back To 9 Years On All Three Credit Bureaus.

Personal Credit Mentor

Personal Credit Mentor Included With Purchase Of Fast Track Program.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Fast Credit Repair We have 120-Day Satisfaction Or Your Money Back.


Frequently asked question

Yes, late payments usually take 30 days to be disputed, removed the update.

Yes, Bankruptcy usually takes 30-50 days to be removed.

Yes, our case studies prove that we get faster results for our clients.

The Hire Me Personally includes a mentorship/credit builder course and uses A.C.A.T to dispute all your negative accounts at once so you get the fastest results. The Fast Track Elite program does not include mentorship. however, it uses the same winning disputes as the Hire Me Personally Program but the dispute rounds are initiated once every two weeks whereas the F.T.E would dispute all the rounds at once.

Andre at Pinnacle Credit Repair


Most Aggressive Credit Repair Company

Unlike other credit repair companies, we offer a full service. We work on all three credit bureaus as well as Chexsystems and we target all of your negative accounts instead of a limited amount like most other companies.

We use a special federal procedure that only licensed attorneys have access to which gets you deletions in as little as 15 days! Most of our clients see a 90-Point Increase in 30-Days. We charge one flat fee so you don’t have to worry about another bill every month indefinitely.

Fast Credit Repair

Step 1: For fast credit repair send us your CreditKarma info. We’ll analyze your reports so we can repair your credit fast. Step 2: Enroll. Step 3: just sit back & relax.


Request a free consultation. Our experts will conduct an orientation and walkthrough of the credit repair process. It’s free, and there are no obligations.

Success Stories

Our client’s success stories are the truth of our deliverables and the great results we get our clients. We are a company that makes every effort to repair your credit as fast as possible.

Top Rated

Always make sure you are working with a legitimate company. Pinnacle Credit Management is top-rated by,, Mover Focus, and