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Andre Nguyen

Andre Nguyen

Andre Nguyen founded the best credit repair company online, Pinnacle Credit Repair

Nguyen is an entrepreneur and has been in the credit repair business since 2012.

Nguyen has worked with the founder of Lexington Law firm and mentored under Former United States President John F. Kennedy’s private counsel Austin Cooper, with this accumilated knowledge he has created the best credit repair company.

Nguyen created a propriety system called A.C.A.T. (Automated Credit Analytic Technologies), which repairs credit faster than any other company.

NOTHING Lexington law does or anything that all these “YouTube gurus” teach you about credit is expedient or effective.

Andre Nguyen, Credit Mentor

The credit score was never designed to allow the average man to become rich,

it’s designed to KEEP YOU A SLAVE.

If you were in command of an army of slaves,

would you ever teach them to become free?


I created the best credit repair company, pinnacle credit repair to give you the ACTUAL

fighting chance to repair your credit fast.

Now what do I mean by fast I mean faster than all the

other companies that you have previously done research

about right before you clicked on me I didn’t start with perfect credit

I’ve had bad credit before and then

I had super credit and then I messed it up again.

Most of my clients were in the same boat

they’ve gone through that financial roller coaster and

have had good credit at one point but then messed it up

because they didn’t understand the important fundamentals

or the details on how to keep their scores high,

by leveraging their debt the proper way as well as banks.

This program was designed to remove the most difficult negative items

on your credit as well as restructuring the report

so in the eyes of the lender, it becomes a wet dream.

Credit Repair

We hacked the matrix.

Every single client of Pinnacle Credit Repair has received success and that's why so many people call us the best credit repair company online.

in deleting most of their negative accounts off

simply because we possess a technology called A.C.A.T.

It automatically analyzes your reports once you upload them

and behinds produces the best winning dispute strategies

and rapidly sends them off electronically.

Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning

you will receive the highest probability of success

in the entire Industry hands down!

Never dispute by the mail! It simply takes too long and doesn’t work!

The way the world is moving, online is the ONLY way

to get anything removed from your credit report fast!

If you have severe errors on your credit report

and want the best service possible HIRE ANDRE PERSONALLY!

Andre has over 10 years of repairing credit extremely fast.

We see on average an 80% deletion within their first month

for our clients whereas the Fast Track Elite on average

is 40% less effective within that first month.

The Fast Track Elite program is still way faster than Lexington Law.

It’s our cost-effective program for you

if you don’t have $1500 to invest in yourself

All of your disputes are written by our staff.

Your disputes will be 100% unique to your own credit report

and circumstances that you are facing

that way they are answered fast and taken seriously.

So what makes the best credit repair company? Two words: Artificial Intelligence.

All of your credit disputes will use

A.C.A.T (Automatic Credit Analytic Technologies)

a proprietary system that combs through all of your consumer data

from any possible sources, including public records,

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau,

and the C.D.I.A (Consumer Data Industry Association)

to structure the perfect dispute strategies as well as the

frequency of disputes themselves.

This program is for you if you’re looking for

the fastest most effective solution.


Rule #1 of wealth generation is SPEED.

Rich people ACT.

Do you have $49, yes or no?

Then you’re all out of excuses,

it’s time for ACTION.


ONE last thing….


Q: what do I need to get started?

A: Send us a copy of your credit report, sign an agreement, provide personal documents, and pay us.

Q: If more negative accounts pop up on my credit do I pay more?

A: No, not unless you feel like being generous and tipping us because we guarantee you will after your first month.

Q: What if I’m currently enrolled with another credit repair company? Will that affect the process? Do I cancel with them?

A: It doesn’t matter if you’re currently enrolled with another credit repair company, we can still repair your credit in any condition that it is in just cancel with the other company because we are the best credit repair company.


Over 10,000+ clients have already tried our program and received outstanding results with fast deletions.


It’s Your Decision To Stay With Bad Credit Or
Hire The Best Credit Repair Company And Become Financially Free. In Doing So You Will Need To Hire Professional Experts.
Don’t Deny Yourself The Life You Desire,
You Will Achieve It!


Produced by Andre Nguyen