Credit Repair & False Prophets Destroying Your chances to repair your credit (Must Watch)

Depressed man holding credit card Credit Repair & False Prophets Destroying Your chances to repair your credit

The things that we just need to know in order to protect our time and money and personal information. The second most important thing is that there are things that we cannot share even if it is true even if it is effective to repair your credit even if it is the missing link to your problem. We cannot share that with you we cannot share that with the public wildly and freely so our back up we can share it with you personally privately but it cannot be distributed openly and freely on the Internet why because that will make it that much harder for you to repair your credit. Because the bureaus and the creditors are trying to defend their position in which they profit off of that information and they’re just going to use that information to keep you down.

It’s gonna make it much harder for us to repair credit if we are giving our tips and tricks to the opposite side because it is a fair game but if you’re giving your game plan to the other player do you think you’re gonna win? Now this game that we play is not a game of tricking the bureaus like some girls out there are saying using deceitful and malicious tactics I guess the bureaus in creditors no that’s not gonna work that’s only going to make it that harder to repair credit because hire federal authorities and agencies and entities are going to crack down on those methods and then stimulate laws to stipulate laws that will make it that much stricter and even remove certain privileges that you and I may have! Because one thing is true about life business even Credit repair is that whatever you do has a Ripl effect that affects other things in this industry and I can give you a handful more than a handful of examples of where the actions of greedy dishonest people have affected in a bad result for everyone.

So I’ll just leave that there for now Shelby dive into the dispute process?


Dispute process

  • Transunion online
  • Equifax online
  • Experian online

Disputing online:

1.    You don’t have the proper back door links to dispute online. If you think you do tell me where you get them. Show me
2.    You are providing the bureau access to private information that creditors will have access to
3.    You give all the creditors faster access to rebuttal your disputes using that same information you provided to them in the first place

So when we do a basic Google search and you can do an in-depth Google search with consists of going through all of the sites which I have you probably have it and you track all of their links and what they’re doing and I’ve actually had experience filing those disputes and understanding how that dispute process flows through well you can just look at these landing pages that these sites have their through affiliates that lead to the main companies we can just look up Experian now mind you Experian has an app where you can dispute online does the same thing if you were to go to this link right here let’s click on it OK this is the wrong way how to dispute and you could do this through Trans Union you can do this through Equifax they are a little bit different but I will I can show you all the links that basically do the same exact thing if you’re using the online dispute system it all goes through the mail so what’s the point of disputing online those people that say they dispute online well I just wanna know how you’re actually doing it because it goes through the mail system because you have to understand something you can click on here and fill out this form and you can look at this link see it says this well when you do this and you file a dispute
A letter gets mailed to the creditor and their inbox gets ping because you do know that all of the creditors have what’s called an EOscar system that’s integrated within the bureaus because their customers of the bureaus yeah all of these creditors pay monthly to subscribe to their service to report credit why in the hell will the bureaus want to make things difficult for them? So they’re going to always provide them with convenient services in order for them to get information to handle their accounts. But I want to tell you something the majority of these creditors are incompetent and how the E Óscar system works and that’s where I come in that’s where I thrive by the ignorance and incompetence and stupidity of them.

Now, so we know that disputing online through these apparent links just ends up going through the mail system and the creditor gets alerted immediately and has the chance to rebuttal faster and actually use the same private information that you gave to them against you which is probably why your item came back “is verified now doesn’t necessarily mean that it could why shouldn’t it? But it doesn’t always and I would know if it does and if it doesn’t for one if you do speak through this item came back verified yeah it probably got verified but it’s not the end of the world because remember all the people that went through this whole system with other companies they end up calling me and I just get it removed there’s a way to do it.

You have to have the correct back door links that you can only get through inside connections. And with those links you have to have the right connection to the server are there well cigaretta red flag you so there’s something called a slingshot which don’t really want to get into that but it’s more the technical IT lingo and yes can get a little complicated but it’s not really that complicated. My point is you have to login through a secured connection and you can’t just log in through your home and do your phone through a third-party company cause they’re gonna know it’s not authorized.

So to make a long story short you can dispute online with the proper back door links but that’s not the best way yeah we’ll get you super quick results can you get stuff off pretty quickly like two weeks one week? I have the reputation of getting things off in six hours that’s like the shortest window I’ve ever gotten something off and how did you do it I used it with the proper back door links which I’m about to show you. but like I said I don’t we don’t use these links anymore we can do the work yeah but it’s not the best way but it’s better than the way you’re doing it.

Show the reports mark out the rest of the URL show them how special these reports are they look different than the ones that they get and that’s because they’re special.

Disputing Through Mail:

1.     There are only a few known physical addresses to the bureaus. What address are you sending your disputes to? What addresses are the companies that you hired sending these disputes?
2.    Disputing through the mail even if it’s certified will only go to certain addresses that are designed to respond to your disputes using procedures that are designed to make the investigation lengthy and buy the creditors and bureaus time. Remember the bureaus are the powerhouse of your data that is stored and they will do more justice to the creditors.
3.    The average dispute investigation for disputes that coke inside the mail can take up to 60 days just to get an answer and that answer is usually what we could find within 15 days if we disputed through the way pinnacle credit does. You can fact-check this by visiting top credit repair companies' sites Lexington law, credit repair.com where they illustrate their success stories and will mention they have a 30% success rate after the first 4/6months whereas their AVERAGE file can take up to 12 months, however, considering they process TENS OF MILLIONS OF FILES that’s not saying much by only maybe half or a little bit more than millions and millions of people are getting only a petty 30% deletion rate.

Disputing online:

1.    Disputing online directly with the bureaus such as the following:




OR third-party credit monitoring sites such as the following: credit karma, Experian.com, or any of the credit bureaus monitoring apps just send those disputes through the mail system subjecting you to what’s called an ACDV, these systems are not 100% compliant with the F.C.R.A and dealing with them is like swimming against the current and giving yourself way more work than what you truly want.
2.    The only real way to dispute online is to use the internal dispute links that a representative WOULD provide you if you had such a relationship. My guess is you don’t which is precisely why you are reading this. Even if you miraculously obtain these proprietary links that will cost you lots of digging and relentless negotiating over the phone (more time away from getting your credit cleaned) operating through those links is like walking through a land mine because although you might be able to get them however technically they are not supposed to distribute those to outside people such as consumers and the bureaus have their way of flagging you and making it next to impossible to get the right service you need UNLESS you are a seasoned bro and have the right set up.

Repairing your credit by yourself

Sure you can purchase every credit repair course online and read the content until your eyes bleed but honestly after thorough research unless you are a seasoned lawyer that has sued big creditors and has extensively studied the law to the T and properly equipped with case law to back your claims then I’d say everyone is pretty much taught the same crock of shit. The great Albert Einstein once said “to do the same thing expecting different results is the definition of insanity”, with that being said if you are just buying whatever second-hand information some online or credit repair YouTuber said to you do you honestly think you are going to get the results you are looking for. Well, you could get lucky and get a few things off in a year but what’s the point of all that if your credit is still harboring negative information that is keeping you from getting your first round of business funding, your house refinanced, or your first mortgage? it’s kind of like going to the gym with the goal to get a six pack yet you only completed one month of actually going and you didn’t even change your diet to optimize your fitness and fat-burning mechanisms. You will just fall short of your goal.

If you do actually decide to learn how to repair your credit for your own personal reasons it’s going to take a lot of time to learn it, including all the mistakes you will make. It’s also going to take lots of time to actually do it yourself to repair your own credit, again more time away from getting you to a 750-850 fico score.

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