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Do you know how to read? Fun fact the majority of us don’t read above the 7th grade level

There was a study that shows the average person has a 9th-grade reading level or less! If you don’t believe me here’s an article about that study here Now, what does that have to do with repairing your credit and credit repair false prophets such as MARVIN FRANCOIS and many others? Well based upon the fact these people have ...

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How To Get Your First Credit Card

Most people with no credit history and only an income of 40k or lower, will be looking at getting either a secured credit card – where you have to leave an opening deposit with the bank and that will essentially be your credit limit at which you are even charged interest - or a card with a very low ...

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How AI is Revolutionizing Finance

AI in finance can save your credit score. That's only one amazing result of AI's influence in the world. From cancer imaging to revolutionized banking, AI has taken center stage among technologies. Have you found yourself wanting to know about AI? If you have, get ready to learn what makes artificial intelligence so important in our changing world. Read ...

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Basics Of Credit Everybody Should Know

It’s a statistical fast millennials have the lowest credit scores in the United States, second to that are folks above the age of 30. Without a doubt this is influenced by the lack of a long credit history that older people have. It also a fact young people are increasingly turning away from credit cards. This is definitely not ...

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Which Credit Repair Company Is The Fastest

Early last month 03/05/2019 we posted news of having us ranked in the Top 10 of the best credit repair companies. To be precise we were ranked #9 back then but since a whopping amount of new success and testimonies from our clients surface the net we are now #4. Our ratings are based on the satisfaction of ...

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