Which Credit Repair Company Is The Fastest

Credit Mentor Andre

Early last month, we posted news of Bestcompany.com having us ranked in the Top 10 of the best credit repair companies. To be precise we were ranked #9 back then but since a whopping amount of new success and testimonies from our clients surface the net we are now #4. Our ratings are based on the satisfaction of our clients and how we conduct our business practices.

Best Credit Repair Companies 2022
Best Credit Repair Companies 2022

All in all, what makes us completely different than the other three companies in this photo is our results. Here at Pinnacle Credit Management, we operate on 100% transparency and our reviews are real as you can match them up with the before and after case studies on our Youtube channel. I don’t think any of those companies you see in that image have any actual real client testimonies online which makes is really difficult to understand the quality of their work. We’ve all heard how long Lexington law takes to repair credit and if you actually read their reviews you will find that the majority of their reviews are people giving them a 5 star review based upon their consultation over the phone but not their actual results.

Private case studies like the one we have here from Bestcompany.com only prove that we are much different than the rest of the competition because our sole focus is the satisfaction of our clients.

-Bre Mebane

Director Client Relations

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