Do you know how to read? Fun fact the majority of us don’t read above the 7th grade level

Man reading credit report Do you know how to read

There was a study that shows the average person has a 9th-grade reading level or less!

If you don’t believe me here’s an article about that study here

Now, what does that have to do with repairing your credit and credit repair false prophets such as MARVIN FRANCOIS and many others? Well based upon the fact these people have the audacity to post videos about a topic they literally know nothing about in that Reading just a typical bank statement requires a reading level of a 25 year old ASSUMING they have graduated college OR NOT, What reading level do you think it takes actually fully to understand a credit report?

Knowing that credit reports errors and the credit reporting and credit repair industry was founded by very high versed lawyers within UCSC regulations and also several constitutional privacy acts it is fair to say it requires someone extremely skilled in wurst within these laws which suggests If you didn’t graduate college or maybe you did but you still don’t have these accusations or experience than I find it very hard to believe you actually know what you’re talking about!

Now with that being said the definition of this study is basically the exploitation of the underprivileged and uneducated, it’s completely unconscionable as a nation to understand credit yet along repair is after you messed it up.

They purposely do this And you have all these “credit repair gurus” out there or People that are not self-proclaimed in credit repair yet they still like to post videos as if they are experts in the subject nonetheless the flirting with the disaster they’re giving you basic information and not being thorough so let’s go ahead and break down the credit repair false prophet.

Marvin Francois

  1. He is a one-trick poney credit repair guy that thinks just putting your real name on your credit report will be a viable solution to removing negative accounts off your report
  2. He disputes through regular mail instructing that you send an information request multiple times within a one-month period before you start actually disputing your accounts.  Well Mr. Marvin by the time your students have sent their 5th or 20th information request to the bureaus, my clients are already getting results. so which would you rather do?
  3. Instructing people to waste more trees on paper that is just going to be trashed once it gets to the bureaus is not only bad for the environment but it’s also TERRIBLE for this industry. Spamming the bureaus will only get your disputes flagged and back up the process. Hammering the bureaus with the exact requests or disputes is an idiots guide for more idiots (remember barns and noble) on how to repair credit. That will only make matter worse for this industry.
  4. Then he says in 2022 removing debt from your credit report does not mean that you no longer owe the debt anymore. Well, Marvin, this is just for you buddy that wasn’t just the case for 2022 bro. It’s always been that way. Another thing is that for almost all cases of debt collection there are stipulations and compliances that debt collectors must follow in order to have the legal right to collect such debts to begin in the first place and depending upon the so-called debt amount the debt collector is claiming and the type of violation and amount of violations they made would result in what’s called a suit nonetheless the prevention of collecting such debts so when the facts I just presented which 9/10 are happening and have been happening. You don’t need to pay them!

The only way to understand that is to understand whether or not that debt is within the statute of limitations to collect a debt in the first place or that time frame has exceeded Which is backed upon the ax written in the FTCPA and these types of violations are congruent with the first one which is TCPA if you look at the history of all the class action lawsuits or even the lawsuits from the government towards the creditor's anything credit card companies it always started with CPA for some reason.

Also the big one and hard one to find out and that’s if you’re not skilled enough like I am to REALLY find out if the creditor has legitimately filed that defaulted note to a legally authorized debt collector which is: are you ready for it? Ba ba ba baaa a fucking lawyer! Yes, that’s right unless you got a civil lawsuit on your ass or a summons then that’s how you know the deb collector is unauthorized because in case you guys don’t know but we live in America and there is something called privacy act, and the only way to get around that legally is to have the “party/representative” to sign a power of attorney to handle the personal documents of their client's documents or just like retain them as like in a REAL lawyer.

A collection agency has an attorney in their entity structure such as one on call or maybe they would even have to  fucking prepaid legal teleconference one but in reality, it’s just a bunch of sociopaths in a fucking call center that have nothing better to do than to harass a bunch of strangers and even so idiots and keep in mind that’s illegal I only agree with one thing in his video of things to know about credit repair in 2022 and that’s about the certified mail not being any more effective than regular mail.
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